Tuesday, August 5, 2008

School? Nah. haha. But I kinda listened today, though. Projects due this week! Rrr :K

Super rainy day today. Early dismissal tuloy. Mga 430pm. Went home. Mom was like, "Samahan mo ko sa Fresh Options.", then went to Fresh Options. I heard this cute song (omg lol. from Fresh Options. haha), I've heard it somewhere before, but I forgot the lyrics when I got home (When I don't know the song's title, I listen to the lyrics and research it on google), which puts me in a bad mood (haha. seriously!).

As in laugh na natatawa. While I was in a bad mood because of a stupid song, I tried to watch some tv. Switched the channel to Arirang. HAHA. AND THEY HAD THIS VERY FUNNY SKIT. Wala lang. Tumawa nalang ako.

Min Sun Ye of Wonder Girls and Han Ga In of Witch Yoo Hee kinda looks alike.
It's because of the hair, perhaps?

What a cool day (:
Intindihin nyo nalang yung blabber ko.

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