Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I absolutely love food. I know it doesn't look like it, but I eat much. I get hungry like every 10 minutes. But I eat less rice kasi baka mamatay pa ko sa carbohydrates :D I'm a fat person inside. haha.

I ate a lot today. As in freaking marami. It's Nic's birthday, she bought a LOT of food. Tupperwares of maki, carbonara, bbq, fruit salad, yellow cab pizza etc. Nakalahati ko yata yung isang malaking tupperware na maki (lol. promise), ate carbonara and two rounds of fruit salad. Then I realized that my mom packed lunch for me. omg. I still ate it, kasi I felt bad of the idea of wasting food because my family is on a money crisis right now. After ilang hours I was like so not feeling well. Na-impacho yata ako or something. Took a nap. Got a little better (:

I'm getting addicted to Wonder Girls. But I still love SNSD :D

Congrats sa mga nanalo sa Jingle today :D

Hindi ko yata nabati dito si Dohn nung July 5. It was her birthday. ILY Dohn! :*

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tried the online live japanese tv streaming thingy. Nagulat ako. Like woah. SUGEE. Tapos na-chempuhan ko pang HYDF Special yung palabas sa Tokyo Akasaka~ But the video is freaking choppy. Nahuhuli na tuloy yung audio and stuff.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random cuteness:

Arienaitsuno. It's a newly debuted group called Sweety. The youngest is like 7 and the oldest is 14. They're so freakin' young. But I have to say that the little (who's like 10 years old) rapper girl is awesome. I'm not crazy about them. But they're cute (;


This is the best day of my life this year (so far). The internet is back (haha. i'm soo weird), my life is getting better (i guess), me and my bestfriends are soo forever, ETCETERA ETCETERA. Andd I'm thinking to joining the CAT, CO (whatever you call it). Hindi ko alam kung kakayanin ko. But oh well.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is like the cutest thing ever.

(actually, marami nakong nasabing mga 'cutest thing ever' thingies. but what the hell? it's damn cute)

OMG! This must be the wedding kiss they're all talking about.

COOKFEST tomorrow. whatever.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I received a mail from Japan today. I wish I was dreaming, but I totally wasn't. I was like @_@

I freakin' lost 100 bucks today (no, no. not $100. I just love calling money 'bucks'. haha)


Sunday, July 20, 2008

How's everybody doing? I was on hiatus kasi wala nanamang internet. I'm using a card right now. Here are some of the stuff that happened this week (I can't put it all. Hindi ko na maalala yung iba)

I'm soo addicted na to House. He so owns. haha. Almost Finished La Corda D'oro Primo Passo. Hindi ko matapos ng tuluyan kasi sira yung DVD.

Thursday, July 17
Me and Cye were talking in Japanese in paper. hahaha. We're not very good. But we know some words :D

Cam: ogenki desu ka?
Cye: genki desu. Cye desu kawaii desu. suki desu. yatta desu. anata wa desu? =)
Cam: OMG. kawaii janai o: lol. jodan [: atashitachi kawaii desu. mo suki desu.
Cye: haha. Anata wa ichigo ga suki? Ikimasshou. Ikou ichigo sagasou. [atashi wa wakarimasen kore wa]
Cam: atashi mo. ^kore wa sukoshi wa karimasen.
Cye: demo, anata wa ichigo ga suki?
Cam: chikuso. wa karimasen :P ichigo=one? suki=love/like TASUKETE! haha.
Cye: haha. Bakero. Jodan. haha. ichigo-stroberi. chikuso janai. Ichigo. haha. Ichigo janai. ICHIGO.
Cam: OOH! haha. Arigato. Ichigo wa suki desu. Anata wa?
Cye: Mochiron. Ichigo=suki kame=kawaii, midori=ai! Iko, Ichigo sagasou.
Cam: Nanja sore?! WA KARIMASEN! Nihonggo ga sukoshi wa karimasu. arienaitsuno! atashi wa baka ja nai! haha. sukoshi.

(may continuation pa yan. but i lost the other paper. aww)

Translation of what we TRIED to say :D I can't exactly translate what Cyrene said. hindi ko talaga maintindihan yung iba xD
Cam: are you well? (are you lively? are you doing fine?)
Cye: i'm fine. Cye is cute. i love you? (or maybe "I love it") *yatta desu. you? =)
Cam: OMG. you're not cute o: lol. joke [: we're cute. i love you, too (i love it, too. something like that)
Cye: haha. Do you love (strawberries)? *Ikimasshou. Ikou ichigo sagasou. [i can't understand this]
Cam: me, too. ^i can't understand this.
Cye: but, do you love (strawberries)?
Cam: damnit. i can't understand :P ichigo=one? suki=love/like HELP! haha
Cye: haha. Stupid. Joke. haha. ichigo=stroberi (strawberry). *chikuso janai?
Cam: OOH! haha. Thanks. I love strawberries. You?
Cye: Ofcourse. Strawberries=love *kame=cute, *midori=love! Let's go, let's look for strawberries.
Cam: what the hell?! (hindi yan exact. nakukuha ko lang yang expression na yan sa japanese drama. haha) I CAN'T UNDERSTAND! I only undestand japanese a little. unbelievable! and I'm not stupid! haha. a little.


Saturday, July 19
MTAP on Tapinac. Iyah and I are in the same class. haha. wala lang.

I'm out of my mind.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm really a bad girl now. I cuss a lot. Well, not THAT much. But yeah. Whatever. I lie (who doesn't?) I don't go to church anymore. And I say 'DUH' and 'whatever' to my mom now (the type when I'm mad and I say 'Duh')

Hindi lang yun. Basta. Marami pa.


Party last night. Good stuff happened. More bad stuff happened. I just found myself at the middle of a dance showdown and got confuzzled. Dohn and Haidee got dancing na and I still had no freakin' idea what to do. I just said "hala. hala. nonononono. hahahaha". But it was soo fun xD Got home at around 10:30pm. Then woke up at around 8am. Was in a bad mood (maybe because of the other stuff last night?). Went straight to the computer (was freakin' hungry. haha) Then ran downstairs to eat breakfast at around 10am. Sa sobrang gutom, I just grabbed 2 pieces of some sweet bread sa fridge then stuffed into my mouth, not realizing that meron palang paper something yung tinapay. Haha.



(whatever, yaya. because philippines is. uhm. such a loser)
*does the 'W' and the 'L' sign*


Thursday, July 3, 2008


Woah. ILY Mao-chan!
Haha. ILY Joyce!


I'M GETTING FATTER EVERY SECOND. Wala nang tatalo pa sa pagmamahal ko sa pagkain. I get hungry like almost every 5 minutes. Except when I eat super heavy meals :D

Like today, we rehearsed this little skit for our Filipino and skipped recess. After classes, I was so freakin' hungry that I got moody and didn't have the patience to pack my books and stuff that I was supposed to bring home (I was planning to study today because I might actually flunk because of my awesome laziness). Went to Sped Canteen, bought noodles. Then went to National Bookstore, chichatted (or should I say gossiped) a little bit then realized that I'm still hungry. Then got home and scavenged a banana and an egg from the fridge. Put the egg on the microwave and started eating the banana. Then ate the egg. Then realized again that I'M STILL HUNGRY. Went back to the fridge. Got an apple :D Now, I'm kinda full na. But still moody. Naiirita ako for some unknown reason. But maybe a little music will cool me down (:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Listened to HYD Soundtrack. KissHug by Aiko. I personally love Flavor of Life more, but this song is cute, too. Found (and read) a longer spoiler of HYD. I hate myself xD I guess no more surprises left for me when I watch the freakin' movie. Demnit.

Downloaded this karaoke software thingy. It's so cool kamo. I can remove the vocals from mp3's. Now i can sing along to my favorite songs (:

Cye had a fever today. I hope she gets well soon. ILY Cye :*

pretty please? (: