Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I absolutely love food. I know it doesn't look like it, but I eat much. I get hungry like every 10 minutes. But I eat less rice kasi baka mamatay pa ko sa carbohydrates :D I'm a fat person inside. haha.

I ate a lot today. As in freaking marami. It's Nic's birthday, she bought a LOT of food. Tupperwares of maki, carbonara, bbq, fruit salad, yellow cab pizza etc. Nakalahati ko yata yung isang malaking tupperware na maki (lol. promise), ate carbonara and two rounds of fruit salad. Then I realized that my mom packed lunch for me. omg. I still ate it, kasi I felt bad of the idea of wasting food because my family is on a money crisis right now. After ilang hours I was like so not feeling well. Na-impacho yata ako or something. Took a nap. Got a little better (:

I'm getting addicted to Wonder Girls. But I still love SNSD :D

Congrats sa mga nanalo sa Jingle today :D

Hindi ko yata nabati dito si Dohn nung July 5. It was her birthday. ILY Dohn! :*

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