Thursday, July 3, 2008


Woah. ILY Mao-chan!
Haha. ILY Joyce!


I'M GETTING FATTER EVERY SECOND. Wala nang tatalo pa sa pagmamahal ko sa pagkain. I get hungry like almost every 5 minutes. Except when I eat super heavy meals :D

Like today, we rehearsed this little skit for our Filipino and skipped recess. After classes, I was so freakin' hungry that I got moody and didn't have the patience to pack my books and stuff that I was supposed to bring home (I was planning to study today because I might actually flunk because of my awesome laziness). Went to Sped Canteen, bought noodles. Then went to National Bookstore, chichatted (or should I say gossiped) a little bit then realized that I'm still hungry. Then got home and scavenged a banana and an egg from the fridge. Put the egg on the microwave and started eating the banana. Then ate the egg. Then realized again that I'M STILL HUNGRY. Went back to the fridge. Got an apple :D Now, I'm kinda full na. But still moody. Naiirita ako for some unknown reason. But maybe a little music will cool me down (:

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