Monday, June 30, 2008

Some creep grabbed my arm and said 'Will you marry me?' while my cousin and I were walking kanina papuntang Magsaysay @ around 5:30pm. It was soooo gross. I wanted to curse him in japanese or korean pero baka hindi nya maintindihan. He looks like a very stupid person kasi e (: I don't think he wouldn't have a clue of what the hell I was going to say so I kind of aikido-ed him nalang and twisted his hand. My cousin also cursed him, "GAGO KA A!". Hahaha. When I got home, I vigorously rubbed my whole arm with alcohol xD

Told Berna & Nichole about HYDF spoilers & some other HYD stuffs. "Hulog ka ng langit." --- Berna (:

I made a list of 'Things I Must do Before I Die' last night. I'll post it here if I have the time ;p

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