Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is pretty long. Please bare with me. Stick around :D You'll be entertained somehow. Grab some chips or something. Don't be bored. You will read this. Because you love me (:

Hello again. I think, I'm back. No, no. I'm still on hiatus. But what the hell. I just want to share my blabbers and what's up. Hahaha. My current connection is dial-up. I know right, it sucks. Boo. I abandoned this blog for like 2 months. I miss posting and stuff.

Hindi ko na i-iitalize yung tagalog words. Tinatamad ako. Hahaha.

Field Trip yesterday. Had lots of fun and lots of problems. I was with Faye, Cye and Kyle all day. Ocean Park first. It was amazing. Pero nakakaduling yung mga aquarium. We took freaking lots of pictures. Upload soon. Next, Mall of Asia. Every year nalang, MOA. Pero it's okay. We just ran around and stuff. Had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo. Hindi na kami masyadong nakapag shopping. Last minute nga, actually. 30 minutes before leaving MOA, we just bought a shirt and pasalubongs. Then got back on the bus with Kuya Meynard, Josef and some sophomores. Josef piggybacked us. Hahaha. Third, Star City! I think it was my third time there, yet I was so excited. I was with Cyrene. Naubos yung oras namin medyo kakapila. But oh well. We rode the Flying Carpet, Star something na umiikot ikot. It was hella fun. Entered the Gabi ng Lagim, Pyramid Mummy something, Dungeon and the Time Tunnel. Haha. Left at 8pm, I think. Sorry ulit Nichole, loveyou.

Intrams? No. I mean yeah. This year's intrams was an okay Intrams. Last year's more fun. Didn't join the dancesport due to lack of time, practice and fear of being a loser. Hahaha.

Napansin ko lang: kung saan akong team, yun ang palaging nananalo! Haha. First, yellow. Tapos red. Ngayon green. Hindi pa naman official na green yung panalo, but most likely. Hahaha. Ang kapal ko. Ni wala man lang akong sinalihang events or something. Whaaaaaatever.

Finished watching Hana Kimi Japan last week. I am so outdated. I had no idea it was so good. It's hella funny. I freaking love Nakatsu, Aura Boy and the hot Nanba Minami ♥ I have still like a thousand dramas and movies on my watchlist. Will I ever finish it all? Hahaha. I-add nyo sa crunchyroll. Sinong may account?

SNSD's second album is coming out soon. I'm excited. Wala pa ngang songs na naglealeak e. Damn. KJ si Lee SM. Oh well. I'm starting to like Tiffany, she's so pretty. Kim Taeyon, super adorkable and her voice, such a good voice. Sooyoung, pretty as always. Hyoyeon, the freaking amazing dancing queen. Jessica, SEXICA. Hahaha. Real good voice. Sunny! The cutest of them all. Real good voice, too. Yoona- pretty, cute, talented. Yuri, simply pretty, good dancer, too. Seohyun maknae! I love her shy personality, and sweet voice. Yess. ILY SNSD.

Ikenai Taiyou - Orange Range
(I freaking love this song.)
Beethoven Virus OST - songs of SNSD
Peach - Ai Otsuka

I kind of stopped listening to english songs when I started listening to Kpop and Jpop. Well, not really stopped. Lessened :P

I miss my ipod. I had three ipods in my life. The first one, shuffle, hiniram tapos hindi na sinoli. Damn. Second, shuffle uli. It got freaking washed up tapos hindi ko alam kung nagawa. The third, video naman. My dad bought it for me kasi nga nalabahan yung ipod kong isa. Nabagsak ko yun dati sa cemetery pero pinagawa rin. Tapos one day, I think na overcharge or something, hindi na nag-on. Tapos ngayon nasa tatay ko na uli, hindi ko rin alam yung current condition. Kaya ngayon, wala akong magamit. *sobs*

Oh well, I want my old life back. But I think I'm still fortunate even though naghihirap kami ngayon. Napanood ko sa TV yung mga bata sa ibang parte ng Philippines. Nakakaawa sila. Wala talaga silang makain |: Tapos eto ako ngayon, wishing for stuffs. I am so damn selfish.

GOD, Angelica Faye Portacio, Cyrene Joy Ela, buong RS, Family, SNSD, Hugh Laurie, Ikuta Toma, I love you all to death. You guys are the REAL bomb. HAHAHA :D

Camz Ü

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