Friday, October 17, 2008

We play a lot if card games in school. Tong-its, bluff, speed, pusoy dos. Haha. We're addicted. But no gambling invovled. Just for fun (:

It's like around 10:45 PM. I fell asleep reading Twilight. I'm always like that. I fall asleep easily when reading books. Anyway, dahil narin siguro sa pagod that's why nakatulog ako. Then mom woke me up, told me to brush my teeth and to get dressed.

This weekend will be hectic. We've got loads of freaking stuff to do. Review for prelim test, project in chemistry, investigatory project, practice for english panel discussion stuff.

Multiply won't let me upload photos. What the.

I'm such a liar.
The world is fooling me.

I need to discipline myself.

lots of xoxo's, camz.

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