Friday, November 7, 2008

School. I'm messing it all up again. Damn. I need to focus again. FOCUS :)) Anyhow;

Hah. Post-Halloween bazaar slash party. I tried to dress up as Rosalie Hale. A poor imitation of Rosalie Hale. We has some kind of plans for this, actually. Yeah, I was supposed to be Rosalie, Cyrene was supposed to be Alice, and as for Faye, she didn't tell us (or I just don't remember) because it's was a surprise. In the end, Faye was Rosalie Hale, Cye was Tinkerbell (lmao), and I ended up being Alice Cullen. Oh, well. The bazaar slash party was fun, yeah, but it was bitin, at least for me. I think the only fun part (for me) tonight was the catching-of-people then dumping-of-people-into-the-jailbooth and then splash them with water. It's kind of rude. But it's kind of a tradition. I only caught people. I didn't get involved in the splashing of water. It was also fun when people run away from me. I approach them carefully then I attack. Haha. Vampire much?

MTAP tomorrow, 8AM. It's 12:30 and I plan to sleep at 1AM because I really want to read another chapter of Breaking Dawn. I'm almost finished na talaga. But also, I really need a lot of sleep. Some people say I look tired and my eyebags are, uhm. Yeah. I need to rest. Period.


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